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1st Pass Healthcare staff perform a billing quality assurance audit (of 100% of submitted records) within two business days.  Any records that require additional information or corrections prior to billing are then sent through our client’s procedural chain of command.  Encounters are not submitted for billing until the audit is clear.

Simultaneously, in near real time, our client’s management can view all records and perform clinical and operational quality improvement review using ESO’s powerful and easy to use chart audit and feedback tools.


1st Pass Healthcare’s staff will confirm insurance, reconcile alternative payer opportunities and interface with insurance companies to ensure rapid and complete payment for services.  Our priorities are to:


  • Maximize revenue

  • Ensure compliance of all rules and laws

  • Minimize the burden to patients and families

  • Reduce the workload of our client’s EMS staff


Once the primary bill is submitted for payment, 1st Pass Healthcare will consistently monitor the status of the bill and respond to requests for additional/clarified information, perform appeals and submit bills to secondary and tertiary payment sources.


Throughout the billing process, our clients have the ability to access in near real time all billing accounts, status of any claim, notes and all actions taken.


When a payment is received, 1st Pass Healthcare will post the payment with the EOB and reconcile against the billings for the encounter.  The reconciled A/R report is then provided to our clients for revenue reporting purposes.


As needed, 1st Pass Healthcare will arrange for payment plans by individuals (patients, families and responsible parties) as we believe that healthcare should be provided to those in need regardless of their financial abilities.


All policies and resulting payment plans regarding private payments are reviewed and approved by our clients on a continual basis.

For any inquiries or questions, please call: 844-301-7277

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