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1st Pass employs a vast array of experts in the EMS field with specialities across the entire continuum.  Our experts started as EMS providers and have grown into well respected leaders in the Healthcare Industry.

Where are competitors stop at billing services, 1st Pass Healthcare Solutions continues to offer additional services at minimal cost to our partners such as:


  • Documentation training

    • Our senior partners include nationally recognized experts on EMS patient documentation and have lectured as well as written on the subject extensively for many years.We can provide this same training to your staff on-site

  • Quality Improvement review

    • 1st Pass Healthcare can assist with clinical quality review as well as the documentation audit we routinely provide

    • We can assist with process improvement to expedite and improve the flow of billing-related documentation through your EMS system

  • Contract negotiation

    • 1st Pass Healthcare’s management team has extensive experience negotiating agreements with payers, and can assist with obtaining the most advantageous contracts with insurance companies to maximize revenue and shorten payment cycles

  • Fee schedule development

    • We assist our partners in developing fee schedules that maximize revenue while limiting risk and improving customer satisfaction without increasing citizen’s out-of-pocket expense

For any inquiries or questions, please call: 844-301-7277

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