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1st Pass Healthcare offers services from consulting, coding, AR management, collections, as well as detailed real-time reporting capabilities. Our partners experience increased reimbursements, higher collection ratios, and recovery of dated AR accounts. Improper claim handing, denials and underpayments can severely impact your bottom line and revenue stream which will negatively impact your primary focus - patient care.

Our physician billing services include:

  • Electronic claims submission

  • Coding

  • Representation to insurance carriers and payers

  • Third-party payer reimbursement and underpayment handling and monitoring

  • Patient billing inquiries

  • Periodic review and recommendations

  • Complete overview of revenue cycle management

1st Pass Healthcare is a proactive billing company. Our philosophy is to concentrate on the identification and prevention of potential billing errors before your claims are filed. By focusing on stringent auditing processes and always remaining current on the ever changing HCFA rules and regulations, we are able to continually and accurately maximize your reimbursement.

We will provide you peace of mind that your billing is being handled promptly and ethically. We are committed to superior customer service for you and your patients. 

For any inquiries or questions, please call: 844-301-7277

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